brendon is like a 13 year old that smokes weed and has to tell everyone about it theres no doubt in my mind hes been making 420 jokes all day

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Out of all the concerts i’ve been too, All Time Low is probably the most energetic. You’re either dancing, shouting your favorite lyrics at the tops of your lungs, jumping to the beat of the song, or laughing at the jokes they tell. When you go you don’t think about anything, not about work the next day, not the trouble you’ll get into later, you don’t think about anything, but those four boys on that stage creating music that you enjoy. That just means a lot to me.


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    Does anyone know an easy way to download videos from tumblr?

Going to see Panic! At The Disco and A Day To Remember tomorrow and I am excited as FUCK


City and Colour and Front Porch Step make me want to sit in a corner, bang my head against a wall, and cry.